What is Current.ly?

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Current.ly was born out of frustration for lifestyle blogs that promote singular, oftentimes superficial, ideas of what life looks like in your twenties. We are a community of readers from around the world that uplifts, collaborates with, and inspires each other through the sharing of "gems"—anything from a thought-provoking article that promotes a new way of thinking to a recipe for a delicious ethnic dish to a tip on "adulting" (things we learned the hard way). Every other Wednesday, Current.ly editors publish these gems in a curated email for you to enjoy and share with your friends. It's the millennial's version of cocktail-party banter, if you will.

You won't find unaffordable designer clothes or pictures of perfectly styled brunches on Current.ly. Instead, expect to gather a real look at what other twenty-somethings are reading/watching & listening to/eating/doing to get through life as a young adult, and more.

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